Back when it was announced that E. L. James’ popular erotic novel series Fifty Shades of Grey was hitting the big screens, the fans went crazy. They were eagerly waiting to see who will play the role of ladies’ favourite Christian Grey. So, when they heard the rumour that Ian Somerhalder was about to play the character, the fans were over the moon. The Vampire Diaries fans would understand just how perfect the actor would have been for the role. But the creators finally cast Jamie Dornan and Ian’s fans were left heartbroken.

The insanely popular erotic novel revolves around the S&M relationship between a 27-year-old billionaire Christian Grey and a college student Anastasia Steele. And when the rumours started doing the rounds, Ian seemed to fit the part that fans could not imagine anyone else playing it. In fact, Damon (Ian’s character from The Vampire Diaries) and Christian have many things in common. Both have a haunting past that makes them act all cold and heartless. They both eventually fall hopelessly in love with girls who change their lives. While it seemed like a perfect fit, we still don’t know what went wrong.

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Ian added fuel to the fire when he showed interest in the part during his 2012 interview with E Online. When asked to reflect on the rumours, Ian said, “I think that’s going to be a very interesting story to tell…It seems like whoever plays that role, it will be very interesting rehearsal time…the audition process is gonna be interesting.” When asked who would he cast at Anastasia, he said, “My Anastasia? I don’t know…there are too many [good Hollywood actors] to name.”

The first film came out in 2015 and features Jamie Dornan as Christian and needless to say, women swooned over him. However, even after the film came out, the rumours did not stop. Finally, Jamie had to put an end to the speculations. In 2016, during an appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Host Jimmy asked the actor if the rumours about Ian replacing him in the next films are true.

“Supposedly, I heard that Ian Somerhalder is replacing you in that. Do you know anything about that? Is that true?” Jimmy asked. Reacting to the rumours, Jamie shrugged and said the speculations were false because he had already shot the sequel of the film. “That would be really hard for them to do, considering we shot both of the movies. That’s an expensive mistake, I’ll put it that way. But good luck to him – he’ll be great!” Jamie said.

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