If you have a feeling you’ve seen George before, you are correct.

It’s not uncommon for actors to reappear in shows within the same universe, or even in the same show as multiple episodic characters.

The schedule is tight, and the production team always has a few names ready to go. What’s less common is to see those actors reappear later in a major role.

As confusing as it can be for the more observant, it definitely makes for a fun story and a little easter egg to look for while rewatching.

One of the most unexpectedly popular characters in Young Sheldon is George Cooper.

Previously portrayed as a neglectful alcoholic parent on The Big Bang Theory, the writers of Young Sheldon, along with Lance Barber, gave him a second chance that turned out to be a redemption arc.

However, Young Sheldon wasn’t Lance Barber’s first appearance in The Big Bang Theory universe, nor was it his first fight with Sheldon Cooper.

In season 5 episode 11 of the original show, Barber portrays Leonard’s school bully, and let’s just say he and Leonard’s current best friend Sheldon don’t get along.

What was then a beautiful moment of true friendship has now become a bit of a joke for everyone in the fandom.

People are suggesting that Sheldon may have stood up for Leonard not only because of their friendship but also because the guy reminded him a little too much of his father.

Of course, this would not be part of the official storyline, but it will forever be stuck in the minds of dedicated Big Bang Theory fans as unspoken lore of the show.

If you want to re-watch it and find more fun easter eggs connecting the dots between the original and the prequel like this one, you can stream it on Netflix or MAX.

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