WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “I’ll Never Give Up Hope,” the Season 2 Premiere of Legacies.

When the freshman season of Legacies concluded, Hope Mikaelson was stuck in the hell dimension known as Malivore with Clarke, Landon’s evil brother. Going into Season 2, we knew Hope’s friends at The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted would no longer remember her, but there wouldn’t be much of a show if Hope didn’t make a grand return, right?

So what really happened to Hope? And did she escape Malivore? All those questions and more were answered in the Season 2 Premiere of Legacies.

After catching up with the remaining cast members during their summer break, the focus shifts to Hope inside Malivore, which a blackness that completely surrounds her. However, Hope is not alone, as we also find Clarke there with her. The grudge between the two continues, though it is interrupted when a portal opens in the air to try and take Hope. Clarke knows more than he’s willing to share, but thankfully a spell that forces a person to tell the truth reveals everything. Hope’s presence inside Malivore is causing problems, and it wants to expel her out since she’s the only person that can truly hurt it. Also, the blinding lights and portals are caused every time Hope uses her magic. And since Malivore is trying to kick Hope out, Clarke wants to hitch a ride with her.

Hope ultimately takes the invitation from Malivore to leave, but she does so alone, leaving an angry Clarke behind. She immediately heads to the Salvatore School grounds, where she runs into Dorian, who of course doesn’t remember her. Hope then finds Landon, who has struck up a friendship with Josie during the summer break. The time they’ve spent together leads to romantic feelings, which they express with a kiss as Hope looks on from a distance. She decides to head to a bus stop to leave Mystic Falls, but after a conversation with a magical manifestation of her subconscious posing as Landon, Hope decides to stay after all.

As for Clarke, a last-minute plea to his father, which is the Malivore, may be enough to get him a one-way ticket out as well. Clarke vows to take out Hope, who is the one person that can truly harm Malivore. The episode ends with a red robe-wearing figure lighting a fire symbol in a Mystic Falls cemetery, just as a portal opens in Malivore above Clarke.

Hope must now work to make her friends remember her, while also contending with a revenge-seeking Clarke. Plus, will she go out of her way to make Landon fall back in love with her, thus breaking up Legacies’ newest love couple?

Airing Thursdays at 9 pm ET on The CW, Legacies stars Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman, Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman, Quincy Fouse as Milton Greasley/MG, Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby, Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael Waithe and Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman.

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