‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Update: The finale might not feature the deaths of Sam and Dean

Supernatural’s final season might not feature the deaths of Sam and Dean Winchester despite the cast and crew dropping hints of an emotional conclusion to the long-running CW series. The last episode of “Supernatural” Season 15 will air on Nov. 19, and one of the biggest questions fans want answered is whether or not the … Read more

Supernatural: How Many Sets of Winchesters It Takes To Save The Universe ?

The Winchesters encounter alternate universe versions of themselves that may be the key to thwarting God’s plans in the series finale. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 15, Episode 13 of Supernatural, “Destiny’s Child.” In the latest episode of Supernatural, Sam & Dean encountered alternate versions of themselves with a drastically different upbringing. While … Read more

Jensen Ackles has shared the final trailer for Supernatural (Video)

It’s officially the beginning of the end, guys! Supernatural is about to enter its final stretch of episodes, and thanks to Jensen Ackles we have a fantastic new trailer for the end of an era. Ackles tweeted a sneak peek, titled “Drowning,” that has quite a few glimpses at some awesome moments coming in the … Read more

Is Castiel gonna come back on the next episode ?

Castiel (Misha Collins) will be back in “Supernatural” Season 15, episode 6. A preview video and pictures from the next episode show the character taking on a new case while the Winchester brothers deal with a witch. A preview video of the next episode shows Castiel walking through the woods and taking about things in … Read more

How did Sam’s Injury reflected God In Season 15 (SPOILER)

Supernatural hit the ground running in Season 15 thanks to all of the damned souls that escaped Hell after God unleashed them. As if the escaped souls weren’t enough, Sam has been dealing with the wound he took to the shoulder after he shot God in the same spot back in the Season 14 finale. As Castiel learned when … Read more

5 Characters are coming back on the last season of ‘Supernatural’ (PHOTOS)

Supernatural fans are going to have to say goodbye to the Winchesters and their allies after Season 15, but they do have something to look forward to. In the final season, the CW drama is bringing back several fan favorite characters. Look through the gallery down to find out who’s returning and when we last saw … Read more