Lucifer Morningstar and God have had their differences within the past, but a revealing hint from the series’ showrunner suggests they’ll be putting their baggage aside for the commonweal once they finally reconcile in season five, part two.

Netflix subscribers are still waiting on the second half of Lucifer’s fifth season to emerge after God (played by Dennis Haysbert) finally made himself known last year. After a heavenly midseason finale cliffhanger, co-showrunner Joe Henderson has teased an unlikely alliance between the ruler of creation and his estranged son.

Comments from Lucifer’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson have suggested Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) will finally join forces with his father, God, in season five, part two.

The devil himself has been separated from his father since the start of the series back in 2016, thousands of years after Lucifer originally waged war against Heaven.

Having been kicked out of the Silver City, Lucifer has been living it up in Los Angeles as a nightclub owner/amateur sleuth, but still can’t get his father to answer his prayers.

Now his devious twin brother Michael is on the scene, God finally made himself known to put an end to their sibling rivalry at the end of the first half of Lucifer’s fifth season.

Many fans are concerned the two celestials will continue their father-son feud when season five finally gets underway.

Thankfully, some reassuring words from one half of Lucifer’s showrunner pairing have alleviated those fears, and could hint towards an almighty partnership forming in the next eight episodes.

Writer Joe Henderson recently told “So much of Lucifer’s relationship with God is about this distance.

“What was interesting is casting someone who had that inherent warmth, plays against the type you’d expect, but also leans into sort of the fatherly energy that he gives.”

American star and 24 veteran Dennis Haysbert has undoubtedly earned his place amongst Hollywood’s nice guys over the years, making him an ideal candidate to embody the role of an all-loving creator.

That said, the God fans have come to know and loathe has been described as apathetic and downright cruel by Lucifer on several occasions.

Could Dennis Haysbert be playing against type for his interpretation of the heavenly father, or will he bring his warmth and kindness to the part and finally reconcile with his on-screen son?

Joe Henderson was, obviously, unable to dish any spoilers, but the writer indicated there isn’t a simple answer to that question.

He continued: “He has that presence of the Father that you don’t want to disappoint.

“And the father that seems warm, but also probably could get angry at you at a moment’s notice.”

It appears God and Lucifer’s relationship will be much more complicated than anticipated, and their upcoming reunion won’t be a case of simply burying the hatchet after one heartfelt chat.

That said, Henderson was reluctant to label Lucifer’s dad as a new villain for the series, teasing their eventual team-up somewhere down the line.

Finally, he added: “[Dennis Haysbert’s] an incredible energy to have on the show.

“And it opens up Lucifer in ways he has chosen to close off previously as the ‘wayward son’.”

Fans are certainly looking forward to seeing how God will react when he sees what kind of life his son has built for himself amongst the mortals.

However, while many viewers will be hoping for a tender father-son reunion, Lucifer and God may need a bit more than an apologetic hug to get over their last family squabble.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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