Kaylee Bryant shares info about taking the role of Elena from The Vampire Diaries in Legacies musical episode

Legacies is about to take a trip down memory lane. In the series’ upcoming episode, “Salvatore: The Musical,” the Salvatore School puts on a musical all about the school’s history. That history includes the story of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), Stefan and Damon Salvatore (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder), Caroline Forbes (Candice King), Klaus Mikaelson … Read more

Legacies’ Musical Episode is a love letter to both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries

Legacies showrunner Brett Matthews revealed his reaction to Legacies’ upcoming musical episode in Season 3, calling it “hugely emotional.” Legacies producer Brett Matthews shares what it was like creating the series’ upcoming musical episode, deeming it a love letter to both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. “Salvatore: The Musical!” episode will likely premiere in … Read more

Look At The Sneak Preview For Lucifer’s Musical Episode [VIDEO]

If Lucifer wasn’t weird and wonderful enough it’s set to get even stranger in the second half of its fifth season, with Tom Ellis and the cast set to strap on their dancing shoes for a special musical episode. Yes, that’s right – like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scrubs, Riverdale and many live-action series before … Read more

‘Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis teases new details about season 5’s musical episode

Among the treats in store for fans of Lucifer in season five is a musical episode, which we frankly cannot wait to see. And if star Tom Ellis’ latest comments are anything to go by we should be in for something pretty special, the actor admitting it felt like he had “won a competition”. “It … Read more