Walker Texas Ranger star Jared Padalecki shares that Jensen Ackles will take a part on the show

With The CW’s long-running Supernatural having now ridden off into the sunset, Jared Padalecki is getting ready to introduce his SPN Family to the world of Walker on Thursday, January 21. Up until now, viewers have been treated to a look at Cordell Walker’s (Padalecki) tragic backstory and his efforts to turn his life around, … Read more

A new female member has been cast in Walker, Texas Ranger [PHOTOS]

Ella Haper will be joining the cast of Jared Padalecki’s Walker. The girl just announced the news in her social media profiles. Ella also adds that she will be taking the role of Robin and she will appear on the 3rd episode of the show. The description of the photo is – “so excited to … Read more

CW’s Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot starring Jared Padalecki: What we know so far

The Reboot of the CW’s old series starring Jared Padalecki in Walker, Texas Ranger begins today, so we’ve compiled all the information we know so far about what season one will entail at the network. Walker is a reboot of the famed Walker, Texas Ranger which starred Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker, a veteran Texas … Read more

The Originals actor Steven Krueger is set to star in Roswell: New Mexico Season 3

The Originals actor Steven Krueger, will be playing Liz’s colleague Heath on Roswell: New Mexico for the show’s third season. The cast of Roswell, New Mexico is getting a new member from another of The CW’s shows. Steven Krueger, who played Josh Rosza on The Originals, has been confirmed for Roswell, NM’s third season. Krueger … Read more

Riverdale star Skeet Ulrich says goodbye to the CW series on the last day of his set [PHOTO]

Skeet Ulrich announced was not a secre. In February he already said, that he would be leaving Riverdale after filming its upcoming fifth season. And Skeet Ulrich said goodbye to the long-running CW series on Thursday to mark his last day on set. The 50-year-old actor, who played the father of Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), … Read more

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles discusses the final season of the CW TV show and his favorite episode [VIDEO]

Since 2005 year, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have battled all kind of mystical creatures as hunters Dean and Sam Winchester on Supernatural. DO NOT MISS: The Ackles family with a important message [PHOTO] They’ve saved the world multiple times — despite what God and others have tried. Now, they’re entering the homestretch with the … Read more

The CW Releases Supernatural’s Newest Season 15 Trailer Titled “Exhaust”

The CW has shared the newest trailer for the last seven episodes of ‘Supernatural’! The new trailer’s title is “Exhaust,” it is the latest of several trailers celebrating the Winchesters’ final mission. We previously took a deep dive into the extended final season trailer “Run Baby Run” and also theorized about possible endings based on … Read more

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Star Sara Lance is Confirmed to be a ‘Dean Girl’

After eight years, fans of the Arrowverse and Supernatural finally got a crossover. While on a mission, two of the Legends of Tomorrow end up on the set of Supernatural, and fans learn that their favorite resurrected assassin is in fact a Dean Girl. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) being a fan of the show Supernatural … Read more