‘The Vampire Diaries characters will comeback in Legacies’ musical with a twist

The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies has featured plenty of references to its parent show, but now it’s going to celebrate the franchise in a whole new way: with a musical episode featuring some classic characters. ‘Salvatore: The Musical!’ is Legacies’ second musical episode, telling the story of how the titular school was founded. But just … Read more

The CW revealed Legacies’ Season 2 Musical Episode titled “Salvatore: The Musical!”

The CW has shared the long-awaited musical episode that was expected to debut during Season 2 of Legacies will now air as part of the upcoming Season 3 run. It was previously announced that the Season 2 musical episode would be called “Salvatore: The Musical!” and would pay tribute to Legacies’ predecessor shows: The Vampire … Read more

Look At The Sneak Preview For Lucifer’s Musical Episode [VIDEO]

If Lucifer wasn’t weird and wonderful enough it’s set to get even stranger in the second half of its fifth season, with Tom Ellis and the cast set to strap on their dancing shoes for a special musical episode. Yes, that’s right – like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scrubs, Riverdale and many live-action series before … Read more

Riverdale: Sneak Peek Of The ‘Hedwig’ Musical Episode

In today’s TV news roundup, “Riverdale” revealed a first look at its “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” musical episode, and Marcy Ross has been named president of television at SK Global. DO NOT MISS: * Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Talks Of How The Qurantine Impacts The Ending Of The Show DATES Netflix has announced that Emmy-winning … Read more

Some Amazing Photos From The Season 4 Musical of ‘Riverdale’

After a slight delay, Riverdale High’s third annual musical extravaganza is back on track, and the newly released first-look photos of the episode reveal a wild new look for everyone. After adapting songs from Carrie: The Musical and Heathers: The Musical in Seasons 2 and 3, the Riverdale cast is taking on the rock musical … Read more

Lucifer with a new Musical Episode for Season 5

Netflix’s Lucifer is getting a musical episode. According to Entertainment Weekly, the ninth episode of Season 5 is titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam” and will feature “multiple musical numbers.” However, plot details are being kept under wraps for now. “We wanted to have a real grounded story reason why they’re signing and dancing, and not just, ‘Oh, this … Read more

Should we Expect a Musical from Riverdale this Year ?

Have a little prayer I say to the Gargoyle King at the beginning of every Riverdale episode: “Less boxing, more singing.” Sorry not sorry, but the very best episodes of this show include lots of goofy song and dance numbers. With all this hullabaloo over Jughead’s (alleged) death in Season 4, I’m genuinely concerned about the state … Read more

Supernatural – Jensen Ackles singing in a musical with guest star Christian Kane (PHOTOS)

SrwerweSupernatural is on hiatus this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we’ve still got a treat for you: a first look at Dean singing his heart out with in next Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). Leverage and Angel vet Kane will play Leo Webb, a former hunter and a friend of Dean. In the hour, the elder Winchester … Read more