‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Enters the Ring in Starz’s Heels Trailer

You’d think actual grappling would be enough for a wrestler to deal with, but as the first trailer for Starz’s upcoming show Heels makes clear, Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig will also be grappling with the weight of familial obligation, quotidian small-town blues, and, of course, competing with your own brother to win that big, … Read more

Vikings showrunner shares the reason why the show is ending after season 6

Vikings is reveals the entirety of the final half of the final season in just two days, bringing to an end the stories of characters and their magnificent hairstyles we’ve been following for years. While a lot of cult favourite genre shows can go on for ages (looking at you Supernatural), Vikings is ending after … Read more

Arrow star Stephen Amell and Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig will be starring in a new tv series drama

Arrow star Stephen Amell and Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig will be starring in a new tv series drama called Heels – a show about independent wrestling. Some new casting news has just been announced, featuring two familiar faces for fans of long-running US dramas. As reported by Deadline, the show has signed up David James … Read more

‘Vikings’ star Travis Fimmel(Ragnar) is starring in a new killer androids series

Sir Ridley Scott returns to the world of killer androids in a new series starring Vikings’ Travis Fimmel — who is looking nothing like Ragnar! The filmmaker has directed the first two episodes of Raised by Wolves, a science fiction TV series that shares some thematic ties to the world Sir Ridley created with Alien … Read more

Here’s Everything That We Know So Far About ‘Vikings Season 7’

Vikings Season 7 Updates: The Drama Vikings are actually amongst those distinguishing and also ageless series. This assortment has actually been actually offered its own frequency because of its own recognition being honorable supporting to the thirteenth or even twelfth century. Past history TELEVISION deals Drama’s liberties. This set is actually movie to give a … Read more

‘Vikings’ Season 6 Midseason Final Recap

Lots of stuff happened in Wednesday night’s confusing midseason finale of Vikings. We end the first half of Season 6 on a down note after a weirdly disjointed battle between the massive Rus army and the disappointingly feeble viking forces attempting to repel them. Or was it all just a dream? It’s hard to say, … Read more

Vikings Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Resurrection

There are quite a few different narrative threads going on all at once in Vikings at the moment. I’ll go through each briefly. There’s almost too many things happening to properly recap events in detail. We’ll start where it all began. Kattegat In Kattegat, Bjorn takes Ingrid as his second wife. Last week Gunnhild solved … Read more

How is Bjorn’s new run as King of Kattegat will play out in season 6 of Vikings

Vikings showrunners recently dropped the trailer for the final season of the History channel show. The brand new trailer teased plenty of action for Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) and it seemed he was already finding life as King a challenge. The new leader of Kattegat quickly came under fire with even his wife … Read more